Kotomi Café 2F

A Luxurious Space for Spending Quality Time
Consideration has been given not only to the space; you will appreciate the Japanese-style trays, the stylish white ceramic plates and the traditional Nanbu cast-iron teapots. The combination of “West and East” and “traditional and modern” makes our confectioneries stand out and adds to their appeal.
This is a special place where you can spend time just for yourself exactly as you please, while experiencing the rich aroma of our coffee and the contrasting textures of our confectioneries.
Our café is like a hiding place that you would like to keep as a secret just for yourself.

Hours: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm(L.O 5:00 pm)
OPEN: Saturdays, Sundays
(closed during weekdays)



Coffee jelly

¥650 (tax included)

Kotomi’s petit fours

¥600 (tax included)

Kaga roasted twig tea and chocolate parfait

¥1,060 (tax included)

A luxurious parfait consisting of aromatic Kaga hoji tea ice cream paired with chocolate ice cream with just the right sweetness, as well as twig-tea jelly, whipped cream, rice-flour dumplings and azuki beans.
Allergens: wheat, dairy, soybeans

Uji matcha cheese cake

¥700 (tax included)

A two-layer cheesecake consisting of Uji matcha-flavored mousse using Italian mascarpone and baked cheesecake using Belgian cream cheese. Served with cream.
Allergies ( wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, gelatin, almonds )

Grilled cheese campagne sandwich

¥850 (tax included)

A hot sandwich of uncured ham, lettuce, arugula and homemade béchamel sauce topped with steppen cheese.
Allergens: wheat, dairy, soybeans, pork, apple, walnuts


Kaga roasted twig tea

¥550 (tax included)


¥550 (tax included)

Roasted twig tea latte

¥650 (tax included)

Yuzu drink including honey and ginger

¥680 (tax included)

Sweets That Are Sure to Make You Smile

The goal of our confectionery artisans is to bring happiness to the people who eat our sweets. They are continually striving to improve our products through innovations in texture, melt-in-the-mouth feeling and natural just-right sweetness, as well as through the use of local ingredients. Everyone from small children to the elderly will have a smile on their face. That is our driving force.

Only the Best Coffee Beans

The coffee beans that we use at Kotomi Café are a specially selected original blend.
We create an original blend of coffee beans from countries such as Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala. Kotomi Café features the delicious flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans and our dark roast coffee.
Our coffee rivals our sweets for flavor and is a perfect accompaniment for them. Enjoy this delicious combination.