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Uji matcha cheese cake(Frozen sales)

¥3,240 (tax included)


A rare Uji matcha cheese cake made with Italian mascarpone that mels in your mouth , and moist and smooth baked cheese cake.
2 layer cheese cake.

Uji matcha powder is included in a separate bag. After cutting the cake, sprinkle and sarve.

Product information

Size : D 17㎝ × W 7.5㎝ × H 5㎝
Shelf life:60days from the date of manufacture, 1 day after thawing in the refrigerator.
How to store:Freeze to -18℃ or less, refrigerated to 10℃ or less after thawing.
Allergies : ( wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, almonds, gelatin, soybeans )
How to sell:Frozen sales
Shipping:Frozen Shipping Service (paid)