Kotomi Shop 1F

Kanazawa is known for its yuzu citron, Ono for its soy sauce and miso, Noto for its azuki beans and Nakajima-na leafy greens, and Kaga for its hoji tea. Our skilled artisans make full use of “local blessings” that are harvested in Ishikawa Prefecture, in order to create Kotomi sweets individually and with great care; they are like small “seasonal gifts” of Kanazawa’s fresh ingredients.
As soon as you bite into one of our sweets, you will enjoy its subtle flavor, and with every taste, the depth of the ingredients changes. As you have one or two sweets, you will enjoy a variety of textures, as well as the special spherical shape that gives them a playful quality.
We have combined Japanese and Western culture, not just for the sake of novelty or to attract attention, but to create sweets that suit our everyday lifestyle, have a refined flavor and are just the right size. Your loved ones will surely be pleased to receive them as a gift.

Hours: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm
OPEN: Saturdays, Sundays(closed during weekdays)



Kotomi’s packaged assortments are designed to be given as gifts; we provide gift wrap and ribbon.Please order in advance for large quantities. Our assortments are perfect as gifts for a family celebration, and for occasions such as Buddhist memorial services.